Driving from Oregon during an unusual winter storm to visit family in Bozeman, we needed a calm comforting place to rest and recuperate. We arrived to a warm and inviting welcome. Fresh flowers, a portable crib for the baby, and yummy crumble cookies waiting to be devoured. The cabin and grounds were even more picturesque than we anticipated. Waking up to a small heard of deer the first morning, the creek glittering in the morning sun while the fire stove crackled with warmth inside. It felt like home. Big thank you to Dianna and the host team for having all of the amenities and then some. Coffee, cooking spices, bottled water, plenty of fresh towels, a hairdryer, chopped firewood and more. They made us feel supported and confident with our stay. I’m hopeful to return later this year with my boyfriend. (Would be a great place for him to propose!)